Incoming:Words of War


Incoming: Words of War is a 6 part web series created by Kerry Drumm, Produced by Kerry and Emma Hunt, Little Red Fox Productions, with Executive producers, December Media. 

Created during lockdown and filmed as restrictions eased in Melbourne, Incoming tells the story of seven Australian soldiers who have agreed to take part in a social experiment to share their experience of being at war. 

Working with a small creative team, and a cast all keen to get back to work, the series was filmed over three days.

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Incoming had its world premiere at SeriesFest7 and was recently nominated in two categories at Seoul WebFest, including best Dramedy. 

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Little Red Fox Productions
Producer Emma Hunt

December Media
Executive Producer Tony Wright

Cherry Hands Media


For further information please reach out to Emma Hunt.

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All six episodes are available on our website or Vimeo.

It took me joining the army to realise what a fucking hero my Dad was. The ordinary man.

Corporal Ben Lawley – Episode Four: heroes