Six Episodes

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Seven Australian soldiers take part in a social experiment to share their experience of being at war.

Ep One: Bread & Butter

Logline: The soldiers describe the perfect sandwich.

Short Synopsis: Asked to meditate and describe their favourite sandwich, the soldiers question their participation in their first ‘My Voice’ session.

Ep Two: Lullaby

Logline: The soldiers dream of home.   

Short Synopsis: Captain Malone shares his tips to beat insomnia and a sleep deprived Corporal Nolan dreams of life outside of the military. 

Ep Three: Superstitions

Logline: The soldiers avoid tempting fate.  

Short Synopsis: From love at first sight to hurling salt, the soldiers discuss superstitions. Sergeant Walker remembers a friend, and two soldiers accidentally collide. 

Ep Four: Heroes

Logline: The soldiers salute their heroes.

Short Synopsis: Asked to discuss their heroes, Major Laughton salutes the children of military families. Corporal Lawley opens up about a hero that impacted his life.  

Ep Five: War

Logline: The soldiers struggle to find words.

Short Synopsis: Tragic events have the soldiers struggle to communicate. Captain Mantle relives the moment of bravery and Sergeant Grant grabs hold of back home.     

Ep Six: Faithless

Logline: The soldiers receive a welcoming Christmas present.

Short Synopsis: A Christmas gift lifts the soldiers’ spirits and Sergeant Walker introduces a new recruit. Captain Malone makes a decision about his role in the army.  

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