The Wives

Incoming: The Wives

Military wives take part in ‘My Voice’, a social experiment to document and share their experience of military life. Visiting the booth on the military base, the wives reveal personals stories, and the highs and lows of married life as a ‘wife of’.

Following from the success of Season One Incoming: Words of War the team bring you Season Two featuring the military wives in four episodes – Incoming: The Wives.

Incoming: The Wives (Season 2)


Simone Ball – Alice

Mahalia Brown – Jo

Julia Lambert – Holly

Rhiannon Langeberg – Beth

Gabby Llewelyn – Susie

Rosalin Shafik-Eid – Leanne

Constance Washington – Kit

Bernadette Wheatley – Kay

Supporting Cast

Liam Seymour – Dexter

Christina Costigan – Mags

Ruby Duncan – Rosie

Cam Faull – Captain Tim Malone

Jonny Kinnear – Corporal Mark Heal

Lucy Norton – Pam

Reschelle O’Connor – Tanya

Liam O’Kane – Corporal Ben Lawley

Liam Seymour – Sergeant Dexter Grant

and Cat Jardine as Q


Episodes Coming Soon

Episode ONE – Wife Of

The military wives introduce themselves. 

Alice is determined to be heard while Kay brings cookies and offers an insight to being a military wife. 

Episode TWO – War on Love

The military wives describe their role in military life. 

Beth is the subject of camp gossip while Sergeant Grant is told a few home truths from a worried Jo.

Episode THREE – NOK (Next of Kin)

The military wives reveal their biggest fears.

Fearing the knock, Kit believes they will come home, Susie talks of old ghosts, while Leanne runs out of luck. 

Episode FOUR – Band of Wives

The wives share the importance of friendship. 

Alice is left with no choice; Beth finds a new job and Holly faces the consequences of betrayal. 


Heidi Salander – Make Up Artist

Writer/Director/Co-Producer – Kerry Drumm

Producer – Emma Hunt

Director of Photography – David Richardson

Costume Designer – Leah Downey

Make Up Artist – Heidi Salander

Sound Designer – Mark D’Angelo

Editor – Belinda Fithie

Colourist – Deidre McClelland CSI

Production Designer – Kerry Drumm 

Set Construction – Dion Sexton

FESTIVALS – The Wives (2023)

  • LA WebFest, Nomination, Best Dramedy, USA (2023)
  • LA WebFest, Nomination, Best Ensemble Cast, USA (2023)
  • LA WebFest, Official Selection, USA (2023)
  • Chicago Indie Film Awards, Nominated Best TV/Web Series (2023)
  • Cusco Web Festival, Official Selection, Best Micro Series (2023)